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The Story of BrandOps

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Welcome to BrandOps, a SaaS solution for marketers who take branding seriously.

BrandOps was originally called “Legendary AI” (yes, we’re a post-AI company). We had designed artificial intelligence software to scan for brand signals and to help companies interpret their meaning. The name was later changed to BrandOps to emphasize that although brands might seem to magically appear, branding is more like an operations task: build incrementally, nurture daily and improve constantly.

To properly tell the story of BrandOps, I need to go back in time to 2014. I had spent 18 years building and running a high-tech consulting company called MomentumSI. Although we were a small firm, we were well known in our community. The company had hired really bright software architects and engineers. People knew us from our thought leadership and appreciated that we were willing to tackle some ugly engineering problems. I’ll repeat that: a community of buyers knew us, liked us, preferred us over competitors, and customers demonstrated loyalty through repeat purchases. I guess you could say, we had successfully created a brand.

In 2014, MomentumSI was acquired by VMware – a true powerhouse in enterprise computing infrastructure. Here, we saw how large brands can affect entire industries. Together we helped usher in cloud computing, and what was then an emerging practice known as DevOps. For those who aren’t familiar with DevOps, it’s a shared set of goals and practices used to unite the development and I.T. operations teams. Perhaps more important, it was a disciplined approach for large enterprises to incrementally adopt new delivery practices. The DevOps movement is one of the few change management initiatives that I’ve seen succeed; more on that later. Where others failed, it succeeded to integrate disjointed organizational goals. BrandOps is a reflection of those lessons. We deliver software and processes to efficiently integrate branding, market operations and demand gen.

Brands are strange things. Modern executives now know that brands encompass much more than just the personality of the firm, or a memory mnemonic to trigger feelings, or even the cumulative corporate reputation. Brands are agents of change. They represent ideas and ideals – that can be so powerful as to change the minds of even the most stubborn heel-draggers. Brands, when executed correctly, unveil the future. They show what’s possible and move humankind to aspire; to just – be – better.

BrandOps shines a light on your brand – and those companies that you compete against. We show the warts, and the beauty marks and help you to think about your brand *daily*. Because we believe:

Brands that aren’t creative – or memorable,

Or break brand promises,

Or deliver messages that don’t resonate,

Or maintain positions that don’t win,

Will suffer – and without aid, will fail.

Welcome to BrandOps – I hope you take the journey with us. And may the best brands win.


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