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The BrandTech Stack

What is the BrandTech Stack?

The BrandTech stack is one of three major components in the broader MarTech stack (BrandTech, AdTech and DemandTech). BrandTech is the set of software solutions that enable brand marketers and channel support organizations (web, social, etc.) to efficiently plan, create, communicate and measure brand activity. 

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66 Books on Branding and Key Recommendations

How do you build a brand? 

Everyone has advice on brand building: there are the ziggers and zaggers, the differentiators, don't differentiate - just be distinct, or - find your voice, use an archetype, worry about loyalty - no, just find new customers, and the list goes on! 

We've scoured through 60+ books on branding to find the best. Some are great beginner books while others are for the seasoned professional. 

What's the best branding book? Well, it depends where you are in your learning journey and what you hope to achieve. Check out "The BrandOps Take" to get our view on each book. 

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