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Prof. Mark Ritson calls this

Ending the brand vs performance marketing debate

We are human beings first, marketers second. It's why we gravitate towards self-preservation. The "brand vs performance" debate is the most relevant example of that. Turning the two into a zero-sum game may benefit an individual marketer's interests, but it will rarely benefit the company they work for. No matter what their job title says, all marketers are hired for the same reason: to create shareholder value. If they succeed in this, how they did it is less important because both brand and performance marketing are just different means to an end. This is what makes brand vs performance marketing a false dichotomy.

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Category Entry Points + Digital Marketing

How Category Entry Points apply to digital marketing

Category Entry Points (CEPs) are the reasons, triggers, or occasions when someone considers buying a product in your category. Brands have an interest in being mentally attached to CEPs to get bought more often by more people. As such, CEPs are a form of mental availability. As a concept, they originate from the Ehrenberg-Bass Insitute. A very similar model that is popular amongst marketers in tech and B2B is called Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) model.

While they can be a powerful competitive moat for any brand, the problem with CEPs is that they are often presented in an abstract way. Not much is said about CEPs, other than what they are and how leading brands establish them by big, expensive offline advertising campaigns (TV being the most effective channel). Many brands don't have a budget to make those TV advertising success stories relatable or useful.

This blog post fills the gap between brand experts and execution-level digital marketers by explaining the practicalities of CEPs: how they relate to major digital marketing concepts, how your brand can use them, and how BrandOps can measure them.

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